Volkwagen wanted to promote their Golf Attrack with a campaign whereby a potential customer could ‘claim’ a landmark all across the USA by being the first to find a location in each state and mark their name on a custom Snapchat filter – it would bear their name until the end of the campaign. We loved this idea, and wanted to inject the piece with humanity and storytelling. The film shows a day in the life of two adventureres: Andy and his beloved dog, Ollie. Music was a huge component to the piece, as the story was driven by the sing-along jingle created by our awesome pals at Antfood.

The final film had at least 50 outputs (one for each US state, depicting a different map zoom and ending location), as the Snapchat filters themselves required a library of at least 150 unique pieces of artwork, in order to relate with both the visual language of the piece and the user’s GPS location. It was a technical challenge well worth the efforts, and we still have this jingle stuck in our heads.



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