Since I was a kid I love creating characters. I used to draw them on my school notebooks during classes and later I became a Character Designer in my professional career. I did hundreds, if not thousands, of characters for different clients and brands. 
In the design and animation industry, I had to follow trends, shift between art styles and create the vision of others. My own characters were never suitable for most projects, no brand wants a hairy nipple representing their product. I always thought they deserved a place to shine, and I believe I just found the perfect spot for them as a series of collectible NFTs.
Meet Golamis! They were born out of bursts of raw creativity. No rules, no trends, no perfectionism. They represent my scream for artistic freedom, and I hope they can bring you joy!​​​​​​​
Each token is a 1/1 edition artwork created by yours truly.
This is my first series minted with the custom contract directly from my wallet.
Some of the Golamis will inspire future artworks that I plan to mint and list on platforms like SuperRare. I will send 10% of the artwork primary sale to the holder of the Golamis that inspired the piece.
Collecting 5 Golamis gives the collector 1 bonus Golamis with the Cherry background trait.
For example: If the collector picks 10 Golamis, I will mint and airdrop to the collector's wallet 2 Golamis with the Cherry background trait.
There will be only 20 Golamis with the Cherry background trait, once all are minted this airdrop mechanic ends.

If you collected 5 or more Golamis please send me a DM on Twitter with your wallet so I can prepare the airdrop to you.
The list price for each Golamis token is 0.169 ETH. There will be no auctions.
If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Twitter :)
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