As part of the launch campaign, Tendril had the honour of collaborating on this visually-rich teaser, riddled with clues about the upcoming season. The result was a medley of mysterious, gruesome and tantalizing views that were collated by the network.

The teaser starts off with a living fetus, encased in an hourglass – fed by a beating black heart. The journey takes us through a missile launch, mushroom clouds, a disintegrating mask, mischievous and eerie black hands that seem to control moments throughout the story, rotten figs giving birth to scorpions, birds crashing through gothic windows, a pentagram seared into a coffin, raining death, and a resetting of the hourglass.

Tendril created the fig and scoripion sequenece that simulates the nail of a demonic finger slicing through the paper thin skin of a fig.  As the nail contacts the delicate skin, the juicy reddish purple flesh from within pushes through the widening split like guts spilling out of a Tauntaun or bloated whale carcass. At the same time — in keeping with the theme of duality — two scorpions, one a deep glossy black, the other a translucent ghostly white emerge and entangle, stabbing at one other viciously with their venom bulbs.

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